The United States has been a hub of architecture, engineering, and design since it became a nation. From Frank Lloyd Wright to Gehry, there have been many excellent archtects that have pushed modern design forward. In this post we will explore the best glass architecture that America has to offer.

Bloch Gallery of Art

Credit to bnim

The Bloch Gallery of Art is an expansion of the Nelson Atkins Museum that displays the beauty of architecture. The striking glass panes around the building allow plentiful amounts of sunlight to enter the galleries below and, as a result, the art inside can be appreciated in a more natural state. Another feature of the Gallery is the blending of the man-made structures with along with nature. The beautiful landscaping further highlights the unique design of the museum.



The Phillip Johnson Glass House

Credit to Kimberly Elam on Behance

The Philip Johnson Glass House is exactly what it sounds like, a home enclosed in nothing but glass. The beautifully design home was constructed in 1949 in Connecticut. It is one of the many highlights of the  49-acre estate it resides on. Due to the artistic and transparent exterior, the furniture inside was given the same attention to detail.


The Farnsworth House

Credit to the Chicago Architecture Foundation 

The Farnsworth House is a stunning, floating, modern design home. The minimalistic modern design of the home is more powerful than homes much more extravagant. The expertly crafted geometric shape of the home was designed by Miles van der Rohe in 1945.


The Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research

Credit to Wallock Davies 

The Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research building is very different than the other structures on this list. The design of the research center is an incredible display of both form and function. A simple but gorgeous exterior hides the stunning glasswork inside. Natural sunlight entering through the roof bounces off of the intricate glasswork throughout.


The Bachman-Wilson House

Credit to Nancy Nolan

The Bachman-Wilson House demonstrates designer Frank Lloyd Wright’s capability. The wonderfully designed home is a blending of earthy tones with modern glasswork. The result is a structure that seems to blend in with the nature around it while still maintaining a classy appearance.


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