The Township of Guelph-Eramosa in Canada voted to reject a Xinyi Holdings glass plant on the night of July 16th. Concerns of water use for the plant were cited among the factors that lead to the decision.

The proposed 2 million square-foot factory was expected to use 1.56 million liters of water per day according to a report by GSP Group Inc. By operating 24/7, the factory would put a large strain on the community while creating only around 350 jobs.

The water usage would not only have strained the community, but would have had a large negative effect on the local environment. The effect was so large that community organizers at Get Concerned started a campaign against the factory that garnered over 1,500 signatures.

The Chinese based owners, Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited, hoped to increase their reach into the North American market with the new plant; a market they have been trying to tap into for many years. At this time, it is uncertain whether or not Xinyi Holdings will continue the effort to bring a furnace to North America or not.

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