On Friday the 14th, GlassBuild America came to a close after three days of booths, presentations, and meetings. GlassBuild is the premier glass, window and doors expo in North America, and that showed this year.

Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the venue turned out to be the perfect location for work and a great atmosphere. The conference had a final count of 8,600 attendees, and it was predominately attended by decision makers in their respective companies. Attendees came from the East Coast, to the West Coast, and everywhere in between.

There was a growing Chinese presence at the conference this year. This should come as no surprise as a growing numeric majority of glass products come from the country.

Chinese products were not the biggest news from the country, however. There was a growing shadow of a question over the conference as uncertainty around tariffs abound. The Barrett team was in full force at the conference, and we heard concerns about tariffs from nearly everyone we talked to at the conference.

On a lighter note, software and technology had great showing at the convention. Diptech, who was recently acquired by Ferro, stayed very busy as they showed off their new ceramic printing technology.

Industry stalwarts C.R. Laurence and Quanex both had typically excellent booths to showcase their products at the center of the whole event.

Specialty glass, such as decorative and printed glass, and shower technology were two other major player at this year’s GlassBuild conference with multiple vendors and booths showcasing the products.

Overall, the 2018 GlassBuild Conference was a success for all those involved. We were very glad that we got to meet many of you in person this year. Here’s to another successful year to everyone until GlassBuild 2019!

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