Stoche is a word that is sometimes tossed around in the glass industry, but its meaning is hard to find unless somebody in the know has filled you in. Stoche is slang for glass that is not packed in a crate or any other wooden container when being shipped.

Instead of being put into a wooden crate, the glass is packed with “peanut dust,” the glass dust from the assembly line to keep the sheets from sticking together, and vacuum sealed into large packages. The glass is then placed onto a metal A-frame and put inside a shipping container.

Usually, this shipping container is “open-top.” This means that it has no roof so that glass can easily be lifted out of its packaging. Not all facilities have the ability to process stoche glass shipped in open-top containers as special equipment is required to unpack it. The location receiving shipment will either have to have a crane or a heavy-duty forklift to pull the package out of the container before the glass can be used.

Stoche glass is the easiest way to package glass, along with creating the least amount of leftover junk material. When using wooden crates or end-caps to secure sheets of glass, you are left with the spare wood and straps when the glass is unboxed. With Stoche, all you will have leftover is a bit of plastic wrap. For shipping locations with the ability to unpack stoche glass, it can be a very strong alternative to receiving packages in wooden crates.

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